Facebook Changes to Change Seattle Social Media Marketing Doctrine

Posted on 05. May, 2014 by Jay in Industry News

Facebook’s F8 conference was supposed to be an annual event, but it seemed that it had a habit of coming and going. Fortunately: one thing is for sure about this event: every time word of an F8 spreads, the social media community gears up for whatever changes are coming in terms of the way they use social media.

This year’s F8 was held last April 30, 2014 in San Francisco. The three-year gap from the previous F8, which was also held in San Francisco, gave Facebook ample time to lay low and gear up for the necessary changes. Some changes may receive a warm welcome from its billion-strong users, while others may come under heavy flak.

Facebook Changes to Change Seattle Social Media Marketing Doctrine

So what did this year’s F8 present to the world? Jim Belosic for Social Media Today lists some of the changes that may also affect the way Seattle social media marketing is done.

Audience Network

Businesses are expecting to have more control over their social media marketing strategy with Facebook’s Audience Network (FAN). With this feature, businesses that don’t have the budget to conduct large-scale advertising campaigns can use Facebook to increase brand awareness. FAN is designed to focus the right ads for the right audience.

While Facebook offers three types of FAN formats, the Banner Type is the most common for apps. Users can view a link while staying within reach of Facebook via the “Back” button.

Anonymous Login

Every time users log in to Facebook via any app, the app developer collects vital information about the user. The problem is that not all users trust app developers, especially when handling the details of millions of would-be app users. In light of this, Facebook introduced the “Anonymous Login” feature.

As the term suggest, logging in anonymously lets users link their app to their Facebook account without being denied entry by the app. On a related note, you can even choose what and what not to share using Line by Line Control. While some apps may still have requirements as to what to share, others like your birthday or friends list will be optional.

Overall, this year’s debut of features provides a more personalized and secure experience on Facebook. Businesses with plans to expand to social media must adjust their strategy based on these changes for any plan to have a high chance of success. Discuss any plan you have with a Seattle social media consultant like OnPage1.net to know how to proceed.

(Source: “How Facebook’s F8 2014 Announcements Affect Businesses, Developers, and Facebook Users,” Social Media Today, May 4, 2014)

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