Blogging: One of the most Overlooked Tools in SEO and Social Media Marketing

There are so many “shiny objects” out there in the form of new social media sites, clever SEO approaches (that might not really work so well)… that the “old standby” of blogging often gets overlooked as one of the most effective tools in online marketing.

The fact is, Google loves fresh content, and blogs are one of the easiest ways to create fresh content. This is why on-site and offsite blogging is included in our SEO packages, and another big reason we include it is because if you’re like most business owners, you really don’t have the time to write blog posts – you’ll back-burner that to-do list item pretty quickly in favor of finding more customers or creating great products for them to buy. Our SEO approach is to do exactly what you would do if you knew everything you need to do and had the time to do it. This not only includes writing blog posts on topics you can choose, but linking to those posts from up to 10 different social media platforms, using your “done for you” blog posts in your email marketing, using offsite blogging (on accounts we build and manage for your business) for link building, and leveraging many other effective approaches to increase your search engine ranking to ultimately put you on page 1.

The phrase “Social media marketing” could, in fact, be said to just be more pathways to create fresh content (very similar to blog posts) on these specialized sites we call social networks. These are sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and hundreds more. We’ve studied these sites and what Google and the other search engines seem to like most about them, and we leverage that knowledge in your favor, creating and managing accounts for your buisness on the sites that get the most effective results. If you already have accounts on some of them, then we’ll partner with you to help you build your content and audience there.

Blogging is a great way to let your customers know what you know and help them with some free advice, learning, or specialized information without giving away your best trade secrets. So, choose one of our SEO packages and then just tell us a little about what you know and we’ll finish the sentence, paragraph and page for you.

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