Text Messaging & Mobile App Development for Seattle & All Cities across the US

Custom Apps for Your Local Business

For cutting-edge customer retention methods, nothing beats custom mobile applications for the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. If you’ve ever looked into that idea, however, you’ve probably been told that mobile app development in Seattle and other cities will cost tens of thousands of dollars and take many months to complete. OnPage1 has solved that problem for you with our local development platform that enables us to build your “app for that” in just days and for much, much less than you’d expect.

This rapid development platform enables us to put together and customize an app for any type of local business – stores, nightclubs, law offices, realtors, radio stations, restaurants, bands & DJs, auto dealerships, gyms, and more. For a fraction of the “normal” cost of development, your app will run on iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. We can even include an HTML 5 mobile-optimized website that can be integrated with your existing website at no additional cost.

With your app, you can:

  • Send push notifications directly to customers’ phones (like text messages)
  • Create a rewards program with mobile coupons
  • Keep customers informed about everything involving a business
  • Give turn-by-turn GPS directions from anywhere in the world
  • Tip calculators, mortgage calculators, voice recorders, and more
  • Create customized email forms for any business to gather leads
  • Gather email addresses of customers to build your newsletter
  • Display images, videos, and audio files to engage your customers
  • Integrate Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and any other social network
  • Integrate a mobile shopping cart for in-app purchases
  • And do much more!

One of the most valuable features of your app is the ability to push notifications to anyone who has installed it. Statistics show that these messages are opened and read by 97% of those who receive them, so you’re virtually guaranteed that your customers will see the special offers that you send them via push messaging.

Text Messaging Marketing

Text messaging marketing is another affordable and effective tool we offer. With this strategy, you pay a monthly fee to maintain a “short number” text messaging account and post the opt-in code in your business and on your website. Your customers then text a message to that number with your unique business identifier (typically your business name) to opt in to receive special offers. Our short number is one of the most recognized numbers in the US: 90210. This platform also includes a contest management feature, enabling you to create a buzz for your business with a contest and then automatically select the winner or winners.

Once you have their mobile number in your database, you can send a message to your subscribers anytime you like, so you can create “instant specials” or “for the next 3 hours” discounts for quickly increasing business on a slow day. Like push notifications, text messages are opened and read 90% of the time, making them a very effective customer retention marketing tool. You can also create contests and drawings to encourage people to opt-in to your text messaging service, which is a great way to grab lots of new customers!

Combined with our custom Seattle mobile app development services, our text messaging marketing solutions enable you to reach and engage every person who has a mobile phone (and who doesn’t these days?), whether it’s a smartphone or not. As you can see, these two services will help your business grow and thrive!