Keyword Research: The Key to Effective SEO and Search Engine Ranking

The first question you might have as a business owner in search of effective search engine optimization solutions is “what’s a keyword?” A wise person once said “there are no stupid questions,” and it is, of course a perfectly natural question to have when an SEO salesman launches into their pitch and throws that term out there like everyone should know what it means.

The ironic thing about keywords is that they are not necessarily a word. In fact, when it comes to keywords that are effective for ranking local businesses, the “keywords” you will use are typically three or more word phrases like “SEO in Kirkland” or “Bellevue Social Media Consultant” – and these phrases, in SEO speak, are what we call “keywords.”

Now, the fact of the matter is that not all keywords are equal, some get Googled more than others, so when you choose to work with us to design your search engine optimization strategy, one of the first things we do is some very powerful research. Using Google’s own search statistics and our own proprietary formulas, we find the exact right keywords to use for your business with an SEO package that fits your marketing budget.

Here’s how the OnPage1 keyword research process works: You give us about 10 to 20 keywords that you think potential customers would type into Google’s search box when they are looking for your business or businesses in your category. We take that list and feed it into our analysis program which uses Google’s own data to expand that list about 5 – 10 times to include other relevant keywords. Then, for that expanded list, our program figures out from Google’s data which of the keywords are actually being searched for by consumers and how many searches per month are happening for those keywords. From there, it’s pretty simple math: we pick the most-searched-for keywords that fit your business and marketing budget the best and start the optimization process. You can read more about our straight forward approach to search engine optimization on our SEO packages page, click here to do that.

Ok, now you are up to speed on what keyword research is and how it relates to search engine optimization. And you also know that we know what we’re talking about, and can talk to you in your language so there’s no mystery to what we do for you. So, why not contact us today to learn more and to start exploring how “effective search engine optimization made easy” can be a part of your online marketing strategy?

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