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Posted on 05. Jun, 2014 by Jay in Info Article

Many Bellevue SEO consulting companies have been offering their services so that big and small businesses can get the most out of their presence online. This kind of service, though relatively new, has already helped turn humble local stores into successful enterprises. Yet, there are still those like Joshua Steimle, a contributor for Forbes, who are still getting questions about what SEO firms do:

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“Oh, you run an SEO firm? So…what exactly do you do?” This is one of the most frequently asked questions I receive. I often give the simple and short answer “We help companies get business from search engines,” but this always leads to the follow up question “How do you do that?” I then explain that SEO is primarily three activities; 1) creating content, 2) building high quality links (I used to just say “building links” but when there are thousands of companies building bad links and doing all sorts of harm in the process, I have to qualify my statement), and 3) analyzing results and adjusting accordingly.

Steimle has perfectly summarized what SEO companies do and how they are helping many businesses reach their full potentials, penetrating untapped markets to further expand their reach successfully. Businesses often go for consultants and firms that make extensive and comprehensive Seattle SEO packages designed to improve their websites’ performance to get business online and customer traffic.

A traditional SEO package starts with a site audit to help identify pages that would become target for keywords and phrases that people commonly use on product and service research. This kind of audit also checks for issues, such as duplicate or multiple content on the website that says the same thing.

Another part of the optimization process is the actual inclusion of keywords to the website. Traditionally, these are added to content titles, descriptions, image file names, and URLs. SEO firms do this to boost the chances of getting more online traffic to the website content. They usually add the optimized keywords or phrases first on pages that have been proven to generate the most number of visits.

Experienced SEO companies like are aware of the importance of strategically placing keywords and building high quality links on them. They avoid hiding keywords and stuffing them throughout the website which can be flagged as spamming by search engines. Professionals also know better than to force keywords where they don’t belong, thereby ensuring that the flow of content looks natural.

Quality SEO packages also provide tools for checking the optimization effectiveness through analytics and webmaster analysis. They even do code overhaul, brand monitoring, and outreach to make sure that the SEO is working and reaps the expected results.

(Source: What Does An SEO Firm Do?, Joshua Steimle, May 2, 2014)

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