A Look at Why Your Seattle Social Media Consultant Recommends Google+

Posted on 20. Jan, 2014 by Jay in Info Article

We live in a constantly shifting and evolving world, where today’s hottest trends become passe in a matter of weeks. This is especially true of search engine optimization (SEO) for popular search engine sites like Google, and affecting SEO further is Google’s own Google+ platform. An article by Marcy Kennedy for JaneFriedman.com points out why you and your social media consultant in Seattle (and other cities) should be interested in it: 6 reasons google beats facebook for author platform building

1. It’s less popular than Facebook.

Compared to Facebook’s 750 million estimated unique monthly visitors, Google+ receives only 65 million.

I know this might sound like a drawback. Why would you want to bother with a less popular site when you have a limited amount of time for social media?

Well, beyond all the advantages I’m still going to talk about, using a less popular site means you have a better chance of standing out. Few authors are using it to reach potential readers, and even fewer are going about it in a way that works. It’s that whole question of “Would you rather be a big fish in a small pond, or a small fish in a big pond?”

This means Google+ is relative virgin territory compared to Facebook, which currently has over one billion users. On such major platforms (where many other businesses have already established themselves), it’s easy for your target audience to miss your message. That’s why you’ll want less competition to ensure that you will attract potential customers to your brand.

By signing up for Google Authorship, a Google+ account will also help reduce traffic to plagiarized content. This is because content you make, such as blog posts, can be linked back to your Google+ account and in doing so, will increase both your visibility and your credibility. There’s nothing worse than seeing someone else take the credit for your hard work, and Google+ prevents that.

Another advantage is the presence of communities. There are undoubtedly Facebook account holders who only use it to stay in touch with people they know and not to seek new people; by contrast, Google+ encourages exactly that through its communities, where strangers can connect over common interests. For businesses like yours, this means another way to engage both your prospects and loyal customers.

If these alone sound like great reasons to make your mark on Google+, it will be wise to count on Seattle social media marketing companies like OnPage1.net. You may have the knowledge, but in the end, it’s the professionals who have the skills to help your business flourish.

(Article and Image Excerpt from 6 Reasons Google+ Beats Facebook for Author Platform Building, JaneFriedman.com, undated)

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